It’s no surprise that Wiz Khalifa would be hawking an app/game where the premise is to get high, grow weed, and make money. Add making hip-hop records into the mix, like his classic “Rolling Papers” album, and you are basically playing a game about the superstar rapper’s life. This is all for medical purposes, of course. Welcome to “Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm.”

It’s a pretty straightforward incremental game that is simple and easy to play high, obviously. The goal is to follow steps of growing to a successful harvest and turn your green weed into green money.

Watering the crops is essential, tapping each plant is the equivalent of trimming and harvesting the farm to give the ganja to the big fancy Hummer that stops by once in a while is the way to accumulate money. The more money you make, you can buy shortcuts to growing, like farm automation. The player can also tap a UV lamp in the corner periodically to increase the grow rate for their plants for 4 hour, which increases the yield.

Wiz Khalifa performs at the 2017 BET Experience at The Staples Center on Thursday June 22, 2017, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Willy Sanjuan/Invision/AP)

There are also small not-so-obvious ways to increase revenue, like tapping the spy drone that comes buzzing around every so often for extra points. There is an option to perform on a stage and ads you can watch for extra points that seem a little far removed from a grow house operation.

The key to success in Weed Farm is to reinvest your initial earnings to get to higher levels that you can use reap higher profits. You will be getting high on your own supply along the way as well.

What starts as a fun way to burn up some time while you burn a bowl ends up pretty monotonous and obvious. Play under the influence or endure a season of wither.

There is no way that anyone could play this game unless they are baked or a Wiz Khalifa Fanboy. It is pretty popular though, and ripe for a sequel. Perhaps in “Weed Farm 2” they can add some excitement like a federal raid, an ATF squash for tax evasion or a good ol’ fashion crop robbery by a rival grower. After all when you are growing weed, everything can’t be coming up roses all the time.

Available now on iOS and Android platforms, the game is rated 17+ for frequent “drug” references and intense mature themes. In reality, you will go looking for a snack or something shiny before you get off the couch and get out to start your own grow operation after playing Weed Farm.

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