By Rebecca Olmos | Correspondent

April 20th is the annual day to celebrate and honor all things cannabis. The term 420 was coined back in the 1970s by a group of teenage boys in San Rafael, CA. The group called themselves the Waldos and would meet up after school each day at 4:20 pm to spark up before going on an adventure.

Over 50 years later, people still celebrate all over the world. If you and your fellow cannabis enthusiasts friends are looking for fun ways to celebrate this year, here are a few places to try out.

  1. San Francisco Cannabis Lounges

Mask mandates are lifting, and lounges are back open! You’ll have to head over to San Francisco to find one, but they are a dope experience. You purchase your products at the counter, but you can smoke them in the designated lounge areas. Most spots offer accessories, dab rig rentals, and even live music. Make sure to check out all the lounge menus beforehand to snag the best promo offers.

  • Hippie Hill in San Francisco 

This event is one of the world’s biggest cannabis celebrations. Tens of thousands of people gather at Hippie Hill every year. This year promises Berner and Mike Tyson performances, food trucks, and legal cannabis sales. This event is free to the public and will be at Robin Williams Meadow in Golden Gate Park. So bring your picnic blanket, shades, and session essentials for this historic annual event.

  • San Francisco to Humbolt Weed Tour

What better way to experience California than on a scenic tour infused with cannabis and wine. The tour starts at Fisherman’s Wharf bright and early on 4/20 and will take you over the Golden Gate into the iconic Emerald Triangle of Mendicino. Throughout the experience, you’ll get to try some of the best vino and ganja California offers. You need to purchase tickets in advance for this event, but if you can’t make it on 4/20, the experience is available for booking throughout the year.

  • Evergreen San Francisco 

Who says 4/20 only has to last one day? California is robust in cannabis history, infused events, and advocates who exude cannabis appreciate it 24/7. This year San Francisco is introducing a brand new experience: Evergreen San Francisco. The 9-day affair runs from April 16 till the 24th and will feature lounges, immersive art, hikes, comedy showers, and event speakers. You can check out the complete list of events here. 4/20 has become such a monumental day within the cannabis industry, filled with fun experiences, diverse history lessons, and many retail sales. However you choose to celebrate, please remember to consume safely!