Everyone marches to the beat of their own drum, especially when high. However, these 10 revered classic rock albums have stood the test of time and are essential music for getting your fade on. You can argue the order they are in, but you can’t argue their importance or impact on marijuana’s musical culture.

10. Funkadelic, “Maggot Brain”

It may seem an odd selection at first because it is odd. Very odd. A stoner funk odyssey that comes complete with vocals that sound like they were recorded in a bubbling bong, and a 10-minute guitar solo that takes you into another dimension.
Listen with discretion, as this could be considered a gateway album to harder hallucinogens.
Best paired with: Some one hitter quitter from a pipe.

9. The Beatles, “Rubber Soul”

Widely regarded as their “pot album,” you gotta love the psychedelic vibe sitar-influenced grooves. Introspective and feel-good tunes beg for a toke with a good friend or two.
Best paired with:  A good old-fashioned hand rolled joint of medium strength indica like your grandparents used to smoke on the sly.

Axis: Bold as Love
8. Jimi Hendrix, “Axis: Bold As Love”

His second album is the benchmark for psychedelic guitartistry. The studio tricks and anti-conservative stance of songs like “If 6 Was 9” almost trip you out enough to skip the weed altogether. Jimi is young and hungry on this batch of magic, and you will be hungry, too after you pair this one with a lid of Colombian Gold old school style.
Best paired with: A lid of Colombian Gold.

7. Led Zeppelin, “Physical Graffiti”

Die-hard Zep fans may choose other albums to partake with, but why? This double-length album gives you quantity and quality. Ranging from the hypnotizing Middle Eastern chug of “Kashmir” to the bittersweet reminiscing of “10 Years Gone,” this one runs the musical and emotional gamut to satisfy all your feels while you get high. Because of the length of the album, you will need to combine this with at least a quarter of a sativa-based strain as to not get too sleepy during the downtempo tracks.
Best paired with: A quarter of a sativa- based strain.

6. Black Sabbath, “Vol. 4”

Some people might pick another album, but this is the one is the stoniest. The 1972 classic is so thick with smoke, you can almost hear it in the pops and crackles of the vinyl. Tracks like”Supernaut” and “Tomorrow’s Dream” go with pot like peanut butter and jelly. This is the album your stoner uncle bonded with his buddies over and you should, too.
Best paired with: A bong rip of OG Kush or wax.

5. Deep Purple, “Machine Head”

This protometal classic has called many a Bic lighter into action. “Smoke On the Water” is a call to blaze; it commands you in the title. Many a baked boy in his bedroom has picked up a guitar and played the opening riff, albeit badly. “Highway Star” will have you on your feet calling Domino’s Pizza faster than the hot rod car it’s about.
Best paired with: A loose-rolled joint of shwag and hold on tight – it’s a wild ride!

Radiohead, "Kid A"4. Radiohead, “Kid A”

This is the baby of the batch at only 17 years old, but it is aged to perfection. The disjointed beeps and blurps of “Everything in its Right Place” and bass-driven “National Anthem” are like warm blankets to keep away the paranoia of being high during a post 9/11 era. Make sure to be in a good head space before going into this one if under the influence. Then bring your most excellent sativa to keep your edge during the experience.
Best paired with: Sativa.

3. Pink Floyd, “Dark Side Of The Moon”

This is an exemplary stoner classic rock album that has sold more copies than any in history. The Floyd crew are like wizards, casting spells on your mind with studio tricks, tempo changes, and songs that make you think like a philosopher and smoke like the world is running out of weed. “Money,” “Us and Them” and “Time” are iconic and timeless. Really, you can smoke any strain you like with this one, just make sure to have someone spot you. Things are about to get surreal.
Best paired with: Everything.

2. The Rolling Stones, “Exile On Main Street”

Considered to be one of The Stones’ best efforts, it’s also one of their wooziest. No doubt they were on more than pot while making this record. Blusey, boozy and smoky, the morning after feel of “Tumbling Dice,” “Sweet Virginia” and “Torn and Frayed” beg for a wake and bake or at least a 4:20 sesh if you aren’t a morning person.
Best paired with: A good cup of coffee, your favorite bong and strain, and a couple of like-minded friends.

1. Bob Marley and The Wailers, “Legend”

Over the years this record is responsible for enough carbon being released into the atmosphere due to pot smoking to be partially responsible for climate change. Every song is a soundtrack to a happy buzz and a good memory. Even if you are sick of it, it’s not going away anytime soon. This greatest hits collection is the cannabis culture’s Magna Carta.
Best paired with: A giant spliff rolled with at least four zigzag papers. If you haven’t smoked to these songs, you are probably a cop. Why are you even reading this?