While cold showers may have many health benefits, who honestly looks forward to icy cold water after a workout? Thankfully, the latest scientific research says you can enjoy many post-workout benefits in a refreshing warm bath! Indeed, Tokyo scientists claim that people who take regular hot baths have increased physical and emotional well-being. 

Although hot baths are beneficial on their own, nobody’s going to argue with a luxurious bath bomb—especially if your bath bomb has a touch of Tribe’s high-quality CBD! That’s right; you can add Tribe’s CBD oil to a DIY bath bomb recipe!

How To Make a CBD Bath Bomb

Have A “Bomb” With Tribe’s CBD Bath Bomb Recipe

Making a bath bomb is pretty straightforward, but you must mix your dry and wet ingredients at an incredibly slow pace. The moment that water hits baking soda and citric acid, it will cause the two elements to start fizzing. While this is excellent news when you’re enjoying a soak, it’s not a good sound as you’re trying to mold bath bombs. 

To avoid prematurely “fizzing out” your bath bombs, please only add a few drops of your wet ingredients into your mix as you whisk. If you hear too much crackling as you’re whisking, then you need to pour slower. 


• 8 oz baking soda 
• 4 oz cornstarch 
• 4 oz citric acid
• 4 oz Epsom salt
• 2 Tbsp Coconut oil
• 1 Tbsp filtered water 
• 1 – 2 dropperfuls Tribe CBD oil
• One teaspoon of your favorite skin-safe essential oil
• Bath bomb molds
• A few drops of food coloring, optional 


• Mix baking soda, cornstarch, citric acid, and Epsom salt in one bowl
• Melt coconut oil in the microwave until it has a liquid consistency
• Add water, essential oil, Tribe CBD oil, and food coloring to coconut oil 
• Whisk the wet mix into the dry ingredients very slowly
• Pack your mix into bath bomb molds
• Press molds together and let them dry overnight

There are many ways you could adjust the ingredients to create a unique bath bomb experience. For instance, some people add more cornstarch to lengthen the time their bath bomb fizzes. Interestingly, the cornstarch acts as a buffer between the citric acid and baking soda, which means your bath bomb should take longer to dissolve. 

Another way to influence your bath bomb session is to pair different essential oils. There’s no doubt different aromas have unique effects on our mood. For instance, citrusy scents tend to be enlivening, while lavender is often associated with sleep. Be sure to research different skin-safe essential oils to find what most excites your olfactory glands.  

Yes, Your Skin Can Absorb CBD!

We get it; making a CBD-infused bath bomb may seem like a marketing gimmick. However, if you look into the latest scientific research, there’s little doubt we have cannabinoid receptors on our skin. While we don’t know everything about this topic, it appears our skin cells can absorb traces of CBD—hence the increased demand for CBD bath bombs and topicals.

Speaking of CBD topicals, did you know Tribe CBD now sells a CBD Cold Therapy Cream? Made with menthol, aloe, and hemp-derived CBD, our refreshing topical should help mellow out those post-workout muscles. Be sure to check out this webpage for more details on our Cold Therapy Cream.