Latinos make up only a portion of the 10% of minorities-owned cannabis businesses, according to a 2017 report. Another study found that only 19% of cannabis companies are owned by women. While Latinos and women own a small portion of cannabis companies, there is still a variety of uniquely designed products by people who identify as both.

Here are five exciting Latina-owned and inspired cannabis products worth trying on your next pot shop trip.

  1. Taste of Love by LDLR – Besame Lover Boy Gummy
    Taste of Love is a line of cannabis-infused intimate products from House of LDLR. The San Francisco-based Latina-owned company makes truly sexy gummies. These Lover Boy gummies are ring-shaped edibles designed to stretch over body parts and be indulged in during your most intimate moments. Each ring is a comfy 6.25 mg of THC, hand painted and made with all-natural ingredients.
  2. Ojo de la Sol – Relief Salve
    Ojo de la Sol is a Latina athlete-owned brand based out of Oakland. The Relief Salve is made with natural ingredients of coconut oil, turmeric, locally sourced beeswax, and essential oils of lemon and eucalyptus. The beautifully fragrant topical is infused with whole cannabis flower, making it rich in cannabinoids like THC and THCA. Feel comfortable applying this moisturizing salve to any area where you may feel joint or muscle pains.
  3. Pure Beauty – Hybrid Babies Prerolls
    Pure Beauty is a Latina-owned, environmentally and socially conscious brand. Their hybrid Babies prerolls are a box of 10 mini joints to throw in your bag for any occasion. These babies are the ideal size to share with a friend for a quick session before the party or to enjoy on your own during a quiet moment on the beach. The joints are made with whole flower that is grown sustainability.
  4. Dreamt – Sleep Gummies
    The Latina scientist-owned brand, Dreamt, makes gummies formulated to help guide you into a restful sleep. Each peach tea honey-flavored gummy is a relaxing balance of 5mg THC and 2 mg CBD. They are also infused with other helpful sleep aids like L-Theanine, GABA, and Valerian Root Extract. With the suggested serving size of 1 piece, this bag will get you twenty dreamy nights.
  5. Luchador – Cucumber Chili Lime GummiesThese Mexican wrestler-themed candies are made by the same Latina-owned company that created the Dreamt Gummies. Luchador’s line of flavors is inspired by classic Mexican snacks like Pepinos con chile. Each refreshingly spicy hybrid cucumber lime gummy packs a 10 mg hit of THC. Sometimes, you’ll even catch them throwing live luchador matches at their dispensary promos.