The explosion of cannabis-infused products and the growing industry that attracts millions of dollars in spending and investment every year mean an increasingly diverse set of cannabis products. You can experience them in various ways and with many different benefits and guidelines for use.

It can be a little bit overwhelming to navigate the vast world of cannabis-infused products, but with a few basics and general advice, you can find a product that works for you and use it safely.

Choosing the Right Cannabis-Infused Product

First, you should decide what kind of effect you’re seeking from cannabis products. Different types of cannabinoids impact the body differently, so you might want to try out a few different products and see which one you prefer. The two most common cannabinoids are THC and CBD. In general, choose a product with THC if you’re looking to experience the psychoactive effects that people usually have in mind when they think of marijuana. A CBD product is the better choice if you want to experience the anxiety or pain-reducing effects without affecting your mental state. Both of these cannabinoids can be found in an assortment of edibles, infusions, and other products.


Perfect for chocoholics, cannabis-infused chocolates typically kick in relatively quickly, in about 30 minutes to two hours after consumption. Producers make them by combining chocolate with THC or CBD extracts for an even dosing experience that remains predictable.


Similar in process and effectiveness to cannabis chocolates but great for those who prefer a fruity sweet treat to a chocolatey one, gummies are an excellent alternative for those seeking an easy way to dose THC or CBD.

Baked Goods

Made by infusing butter or oil with cannabis, baked goods come in a wide variety, including brownies, cookies, cakes, granola bars, and more. These products come in varying sizes, which means that their total cannabis content differs as well. It’s critical to pay attention to the milligrams of THC present in each product and eat an appropriate amount for your tolerance. Baked goods can take a little longer to take effect, which can fool people into ingesting more than they should. Be patient and take it slow to safely enjoy the best of these decadent products.

Common Cannabis-Infused Products and How to Use Them
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Beverage Additives

If you’re not a big snacker, you might prefer a THC or CBD beverage or beverage additives. These products offer precise dosing with minimal calories and sugar, but as with edibles, you should carefully inspect the product’s labels to determine how much you should consume at once. Because cannabis is insoluble in water, it is made through new emulsification technologies that allows cannabis to be effectively mixed with liquid. Beverage additives are more concentrated versions, allowing you to add them to whatever drink you like (in measured amounts) and make your own cannabis beverage!


Dabs go by many names, including shatter, resin, honeycomb, and more. Simply put, they are a highly concentrated form of cannabis that is made from leftover pieces of the cannabis plant that remain after the larger flowers are used. Producers extract a concentrate using butane, creating a product known as butane hash oil. Users can then smoke or vaporize it. These products typically result in a more intense experience than other cannabis-infused products, and you should use them with caution. Do your research before experimenting with dabs to make sure you’re taking them correctly and in the right amounts for you.

Cannabis-infused products are easily accessible in many states and come in a wide variety that allows just about anyone to find something that works for them. With some research and sampling, you can determine which type of cannabinoid you’re looking for and what the best delivery method is for you. If you’re new to cannabis, take it slow and figure out the best dosages in the products that interest you.