Everything feels more romantic when you’ve reached that perfect balance of relaxation and arousal. And if you haven’t tried it before, a couple of hits can definitely enhance the experience.

Just as some cannabis strains have a reputation for “locking” you to your couch, there are a variety of strains that can give you subtle energy, a confidence boost, and relaxation to heighten your romantic experience and culminate in an incredibly sensual encounter.

When choosing which strain to use on date night, you may initially rely on the two overarching cannabis categories to decide how you want to feel; indica for relaxation and sativa for energy. However, the nuances of each strain and how it will affect you are also influenced by terpenes, the compounds that create those distinct strain aromas.

With these nuances in mind, we’re outlining 10 cannabis strains of both indica and sativa varieties that could be your perfect aphrodisiac for an erotic night with your special someone.

Atomic Northern Lights

This indica-dominant hybrid helps you relax and heightens arousal, making it a great choice for unwinding with your partner after a long day at work.

Blue Dream 

Potent but balanced, this strain gives a tasty blueberry buzz with all the great energy of its high sativa content. Then you’ll drop into a serious calm or even numb state, so make sure you take your hits right before the action starts.

Bubblegum Kush

This indica-dominant strain comes on slowly, but its long-lasting effects leave your senses heightened to every touch, and your mind and body relaxed.

Dark Milk Loves Chocolate

These chocolate edibles were explicitly designed for romantic arousal. They combine five herbal aphrodisiacs with sensory-heightening cannabis. Although we don’t generally recommend edibles for romance since they take longer to kick in, this is one tantalizing exception! Just make sure to enjoy your chocolates about 2 hours before you want the action to start.

10 Strains for a Romantic Night
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Flo is a sativa-dominant hybrid that gives you that classic hit of energy while still offering relaxation. It’s balanced and mild and lets you really get into the moment without getting lost in the high.

Granddaddy Purple

This strain is very indica-heavy, so don’t take too much. But it’s incredibly popular for leaving you feeling relaxed, creative, and euphoric. Granddaddy Purple is the king of getting into the flow and mellowing any potential inhibitions for a relaxed night with your sweetheart.

Green Crack 

Aromatic and refreshing, Green Crack gives you a burst of energy while soothing away stress and worry. This is the strain to take for your all-nighters, if you catch our drift.

Sour Dream

A hybrid of Blue Dream and Sour Diesel, this sativa-dominant hybrid builds your energy and inspires giddiness, so be prepared for a fit of giggles in bed.

Super Sour Diesel

Sativa-dominant and sensory-enhancing, Sour D is popular for good reason. You’ll have both the confident relaxation and the exciting headrush that can prepare you for romantic action.

Ultimate Trainwreck

A sativa-dominant hybrid with high THC content, Ultimate Trainwreck heightens arousal and euphoria. What more do we need to say? But really, this strain will give you an initial burst of energy and clarity, followed by a more profound relaxation. If you time it right, Ultimate Trainwreck could fit nicely with the rhythm of your evening.

Other great cannabis products for romance include a wide variety of THC and CBD-infused lubes & massage oils. Why not make it a complete cannabis-inspired night?

Before you start, ensure your romantic evening goes off without a hitch by trying a new strain to ensure it makes you feel the way you want it to. It’s also best to start with only a couple of hits the night of your rendezvous.