Many people are using cannabis’ increase in recreational and medical to enhance their lives. About 50 million people reported using cannabis in the past year, according to a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration survey.

Growers generally create cannabis strains by breeding varieties based on their terpene profiles, which affect their psychoactive properties and drive consumer preference. Terpene profiles influence effects such as energy levels and mental clarity. 

Below are suggested strains to pair with some of your favorite activities. 

Head Out for a Night on the Town

Super Silver Haze is an excellent choice for a night out on the town.  Users report this strain will enhance your experiences by giving you an energy boost and a body buzz while reducing your weekday stress and social anxiety. 

Users say another benefit of Super Silver Haze is the enhancement of your senses. The club lights will be breathtaking, drinks taste better, and the music immerses you. This is the strain to use before starting an unforgettable night out.


Mixing cannabis and exercise has been increasing in popularity. There are even gyms that promote the practice. pairing exercise with cannabis. The popular Durban Poison strain will likely give you bursts of energy, help you feel clearheaded, and may increase your productivity. This strain is also a popular exercise enhancer because users say it reduces fatigue and boosts motivation. 

“The majority of participants who endorsed using cannabis shortly before/after exercise reported that doing so enhances their enjoyment of and recovery from exercise, and approximately half reported that it increases their motivation to exercise,” according to a study published in Frontiers in Public Health.

Watch a Documentary

If you want a relaxing evening in front of the TV, Cereal Milk may be exactly what you are looking for. Users say this strain will calm your daily stresses while soothing your body and mind. This strain is also known to improve focus, allowing you to absorb information thoughtfully.

Laugh at a Comedy Show

One of the pronounced effects of the Tropicana Cookies strain is that it has been known to cause fits of giggles — which is why it’s an excellent option when seeing a comedian or attending an improv show. Users report this strain also increases your energy while letting you stay focused and level-headed. Because the strain is also a social enhancer, it can make a comedy show with friends even more enjoyable. 

Joyful African American woman lounging on a couch smiling while looking at her laptop.
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Read a Book

There’s no better way to spend a moody evening than with a cozy blanket, a thrilling book, and some cannabis to immerse yourself in the story fully. Gelato may be just the strain for this scenario. Users say Gelato increases your focus, improves mood, relieves stress, and allows your imagination to jump into whatever adventure you are reading. 

Go on a Date

Something as special as blossoming love requires the Unicorn Poop strain. This hybrid strain is perfect for date night because many say it improves conversation, gives you a small bout of giggles, and gently puts your body and mind into a euphoric state.

Cheer on Your Team at a Sporting Event

Sporting events are known for their ice-cold beers, cheering fans, and high energy. The Lemon Cake OG is an excellent addition to your game day checklist. This strain will likely give you all the energy needed to cheer your team to a win. The stimulating buzz accompanying this strain will invigorate your body and mind, adding to the excitement of the competition. While it doesn’t guarantee a win for your team, it can offer fans an exciting experience.

Whatever your plans, consider using a special strain to get you in the right mood to experience each activity to the fullest!