The world of cannabis accessories has exploded over recent years, and enthusiasts have never had so many ways to take their experience to the next level. We’ll give you the best accessories worthy of breaking the bank.

Whether you’re an old-school flower smoker or dabble in the vast world of concentrates, these items will make any session a grand event. 

Gold Everything

What better way to indulge in the finer things than adding gold to your collection? Grinders are essential for proper flower smoking, and a gold shell grinder provides an upscale look while getting your grind on. Gold rolling papers and wraps will turn any joint or blunt into the fanciest thing you’ve ever smoked. And before you burn your fingertips, bust out a 14-karat gold roach clip to bring some flash to the end of your smoke. Try adding gold dab tools to your stash kit if you’re into concentrates. These tools will add a little flair to your concentrate prep.

Stash Boxes

Specialized containers for storing your Cannabis have become elaborate over recent years and are a must-own for any marijuana enthusiast. Cannador has taken the classic cigar humidor and made the best stash box for keeping your flower fresh. They offer smaller containers to fit two strains or splurge and get a nine-strain monster. With built-in drawers and options for pre-rolls, every flower user should invest in one of these.

If you like more variety and a personal touch, Edie Parker offers designer stash boxes and jars with customization options. These boxes aren’t to be hidden in the closet, however. With sleek designs and beautiful engraving, you’ll want to display these pieces all over your home.

These Luxury Marijuana Accessories Are Worth Their High Price
Photo: Ivan Stajkovic via 123RF

High-End Smoking

Luxury smoking pieces have flooded the market, and there’s a perfect option for any taste. From pipes and bongs to dab rigs and e-nails, if you’re willing to pay the price, you can make your next session an extravagant affair.

Summerland in San Francisco creates designer bongs and pipes that are sure to be the talk of the toke. Their ceramic bongs look more like expensive flower vases and with a quarter turn, might even pass for one on your shelf. Their apple-shaped Fruit Fantasy pipes add a fun element while maintaining a classy, elegant aesthetic. Each item is hand-crafted and easily doubles as an art piece when you’re not using it.

As vaping has grown in popularity, an old classic has reemerged as one of the best ways to enjoy your weed. A high-quality vaporizer will set you back a bit but remains one of the best ways to vape and cleanly inhale your flower. 

Possibly the fastest-growing segment in smoking is e-nails for vaping concentrates. E-nails heat the nail on dabbing rigs and many versions offer technology that allows you to set a certain temperature.

With so many incredible options available, budgets of any size can upgrade their cannabis experience and enjoy a life of luxury while they’re at it. From gold-plated possibilities to the latest technology in vaping, adding an upscale piece will give you a high-end experience every time you light up.