With the passing of Prop. 64, it may be time for you to brush up on your weed lingo. Enter “The Doobieous Dictionary: The A to Z Guide to All Things Cannabis” ($14.99), an up-to-date list of cannabis idioms, colloquialisms and scientific terms since 1982. If you and your friends are still using phrases from the Cheech and Chong era of underground pot use, this reference guide that boasts 1,420 terms will bring you into the age of Harold and Kumar.

This entertaining book, written by Jason Porter Collinsworth, delivers on equal parts science and satire. (Let’s call it “higher education” for lack of a better term.) Use it to build your bud vocabulary, “weed” out propaganda or just be the light of the party. It’s a fun read that you will better off for having on your bookshelf or sorting table, whether you partake or like to make fun of people that do.

Modern street lingo is defined as eloquently as the scientific terms are, but the tone is always geared towards humor. Even if your weed vocab is on point, it doesn’t hurt to know that the definition of a “Guerilla Grow” is to cultivate cannabis illegally, especially on shared or public land. You may know that being “Faded” could end your night, but getting your “Gangster Lean” on means that you are in the sweet spot of your consumption and that the music is appropriate for your session.

A couple of other examples from the text:

840 (8:40)n. the stoner’s 420, because no stoner is awake as early as 4:20; at 8:40, one should consume twice as much cannabis for twice as long; the best way to start and end your day.

airyadj. a term used to describe cannabis flowers that lack density or are light and leafy as opposed to tight, thick and chunky.

“The Doobieous Dictionary” is also the definitive collection of terms for potheads or police, and will provide you with endless hours of infotainment. You can also check out the author Jason Porter Collinsworth’s “Weed Word of The Day” on YouTube in case someone spills the bong water over and ruins your copy of the book.