Craft cannabis is a distinct type of marijuana that expert farmers grow on small-scale farms using world-class cultivation techniques and plant nutrients.

The demand for this superior cannabis continues to grow as consumers across the board prefer fresh products such as craft beer and organic food.

These high-end buds are higher in price compared to regular cannabis. However, here’s why paying a little extra for top-notch quality is well worth it.


Each craft cannabis batch requires a small, dedicated team of farmers. Each plant requires individual attention to maintain the plant’s quality. These farmers shape and feed each cannabis plant-based on the strain. As it grows, they focus on maximizing its flower size, total yield, and euphoric effects.

The cannabis farms are a live environment and share a common problem, pests. They can damage crops, but these farmers use proven organic methods to control them.

With their consumers in mind, they emphasize clean and healthy growing techniques. That helps keep the facility clean and avoids the use of pesticides or chemicals.

Craft cannabis offers a choice that guarantees premium quality bud with a flavor difference you can taste compared to mass-produced weed.

Quality comes from farmers who meet the demands of cannabis from start to finish. After it is harvested, the stems and sugars leaves are hand-trimmed from the buds, maintaining the hands-on quality that makes the cannabis decidedly “craft.” In contrast, many major marijuana distributors process commercial weed through machines.

Photo: parilov via 123RF
Photo: parilov via 123RF

Is it Similar to Craft Beer?

There are many parallels between craft cannabis and craft beer.

Businesses in both industries emphasize that their products are “hand-made.” They also value resource management and practice sustainable methods, which is apparent in their attention to detail in their products, operations, and environmental impact.

Each industry relies on a devoted consumer base as craft businesses typically can’t mass-produce products in the same way major companies do. This makes the relationship between customers and businesses much more important.

That means the businesses typically give a more quality level of care to their products and can adapt to their customers’ evolving tastes, crafting a relationship that’s representative of the industry.

Where Do I Find It?

Finding a craft cannabis business in your area may require some research. Typically, craft cannabis is grown in smaller facilities and sold in local businesses.

Smaller cannabis cultivators, rather than chains, may be the best place to start.

Remember, true craft cannabis is “hand-made” throughout the cultivation cycle, meaning it’s hand-dried, hand-trimmed, and hand-packed.

Crafted cannabis should be rich in terpenes. According to WINK Cannabis, much of what you see on the craft market is cannabis with high terpene percentages, between 2-5%, that looks and smells amazing.

Remember, quality takes time and energy, which can raise costs for consumers. However, craft cannabis is the best cannabis on the market, and you get what you pay for.

As legalization continues to open up more markets, this niche field within the cannabis industry will likely continue to grow. Scope out dispensaries near you and consider making your dollar go further by purchasing top-notch quality.