— Try Tribe’s CBD Diamondback Cocktail

The Diamondback may sound like a rootin’-tootin’ cocktail for cowboys, but it actually hails from the East Coast. In fact, the Diamondback refers to a lounge in Maryland’s luxurious Lord Baltimore Hotel. While the Diamondback might not be the best-known cocktail on the books, it’s a tremendous old-timey drink with a funky apple-forward flavor. 

To kick the Diamondback into the 21st century, we’re going to add a pinch of Tribe CBD oil. One dropperful of our high-quality CBD is enough to ensure you have a smooth and serene experience. 

CBD Diamondback Cocktail Recipe 

Tribe’s CBD Diamondback Cocktail

Since the Diamondback’s main spirit is rye whiskey, it’s often compared with the Old Fashioned. Indeed, some people go so far as to claim this drink is a clever riff on the more famous standard cocktail.

Despite these claims, there’s some dispute over which garnish to use in this cocktail. Some sites use Luxardo cherries, while others opt for an orange peel.

Since the Old Fashioned has an orange peel, this may be the more “authentic” choice for your Diamondback. However, please feel free to use whichever garnish you think best compliments this drink. 

By the way, you can find Tribe’s CBD Old Fashioned recipe on this post. 


• 1 oz rye whiskey
• ½ oz applejack
• ½ oz yellow chartreuse 
• 1 dropperful Tribe CBD oil
• Luxardo cherry or orange peel


• Pour rye whiskey, applejack, and yellow chartreuse into an Old Fashioned glass
• Add one large ice cube and stir
• Top with Tribe CBD oil
• Garnish with orange peel or Luxardo cherry, if desired

Chartreuse is a curious ingredient in the world of cocktails. Named after a mountain range in France, this herbal liqueur contains a mysterious mix of local botanicals and herbs. Indeed, the monks who “created” the recipe for chartreuse supposedly used an obscure alchemical text. 

Interestingly, the chartreuse you see in today’s liquor stores isn’t the original formula. Both green and yellow chartreuse are renditions of the original liqueur. While the first formula is still available, it’s a bit tougher to find. Also, considering both green and yellow chartreuse are mild compared with authentic chartreuse, it’s safe to assume the original doesn’t taste so hot. 

The major differences between green and yellow chartreuse are taste and ABV. Generally speaking, yellow chartreuse is the sweeter and less-boozy option; hence, it’s easier to blend into mixed drinks. However, there are a few famous cocktails that take advantage of green chartreuse’s herbal notes. For instance, check out Tribe’s Last Word cocktail for some green chartreuse inspiration.  

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How Potent Is Tribe’s CBD Oil?

With three alcoholic ingredients, there’s no question the Diamondback packs a punch. But just how potent is Tribe’s CBD oil? Well, Tribe CBD currently offers two potencies for our popular CBD oil tincture: 900 mg and 3000 mg. 

Since everyone has a different CBD tolerance, it’s difficult to say which potency is right for you. Anyone new to CBD should start with the lowest recommended dose and gradually work their way up. We’d also recommend recording your daily milligram count to figure out your perfect CBD dosage.