Having The Pot Talk with Sabrina

Don’t miss the final episode of Season 1 of The Cannifornian Podcast! The time has flown by and we’ve had so many amazing guests and discussions. In this episode we talk with Sabrina, aka @wholetmebeamom, and we are going to be discussing ways that we can all have “The Pot Talk” with our family, friends, and yes, even our kids. We hope you enjoy this episode and stay tuned for Season 2 coming soon!

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On this issue of The Cannifornian Podcast, we have Natasha, CEO and owner of Hey Bud Cannabis and ELEVARx CBD! Natasha is a female entrepreneur in the cannabis industry and she isn’t only killing it, she’s keeping up with the big boys. In this episode, we dive into Natasha’s women-owned businesses and learn how it is being a female CEO in a male-dominated industry.

Breaking the Cannabis Consumer Stigma with Kevin and Betty

As the cannabis industry gets more and more accepted, there is still this constant stigma floating around making cannabis consumers feel judged and misunderstood. In this episode we get into how and why there is this stigma, how consuming cannabis as a functional adult is possible, and how we can tackle these assumptions.

Cannabis Content and Marketing with The WeedTube

Meet Ariana Newton, community manager of The WeedTube! We are super excited to have her on our podcast. Get into the conversation as Kevin and Betty Blazed discuss with Ariana how cannabis content creators struggle with platform regulations and marketing efforts.

Industry Insights and the Road to Legalization

On this week’s episode of The Cannifornian Podcast, we have cannabis consultant Jason Teramoto! Jason gives us a great look at how cannabis businesses can be successful by doing it the right way. Dive in and learn with us! (May 4, 2021 | 01:00:49)

Caliva’s 4/20 CBD and Cannabis Buyers Guide

Happy 4/20! Today’s episode is a very special one that we have curated just for the listeners (and your 4/20 friends). We are giving you a 4/20 CBD and Cannabis Buyers Guide centered around one of our favorite brands, Caliva! (April 28, 2021 | 01:27:55)

Lizzie Micheal | CrossFit Coach, Army Veteran and CBD Advocate

On this week’s episode, we are having our first guest ever, Lizzie Michael! She is an Army veteran, CrossFit Coach, and CBD and hemp advocate that is opening up about her journey and how CBD and hemp were able to work wonders. (April 6, 2021 | 01:03:54)

It’s all weed! But let’s break it down

Welcome to the first episode of The Cannifornian Podcast! We are diving into the difference between cannabis, CBD, and THC, how you can choose to consume CBD and THC, and we’re giving beginner advice on where to start and what to do if you consume a little too much. Subscribe and enjoy! Special thanks to our sponsor Caliva! (March 23, 2021 | 44:27)

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