Gone are the times of waiting for your perpetually late pot slinger to call you back or meet up with you with your stash order. These are the days of legally obtainable marijuana and the new video-on-demand Series “The Green Room,” premiering on 4/20 (of course) on YouTube, sets to clear the smoke of what goes on behind the counter of a medical marijuana dispensary.

If you have ever been in front of or behind the counter of one of these establishments, you will find humor, heart and education in each episode from Dancing Silly Productions.

Based on the shenanigans of six characters working in a dispensary in Hollywood that isn’t doing so hot, the viewer gets a comedic view of what goes on in the fictional lives of the bud tenders’ past, present and future aspirations. You also get a feel for the clientele who frequent these spots, each a unique character as well. With equal parts education and entertainment, this series will not harsh your buzz.

Indie filmmakers Lizz Henderson and Rich Sturdevant were inspired to create “The Green Room” after fielding many questions from friends and family in New York asking about what it was like to live in a state where medical marijuana is legal.

The show answers those questions by mentioning the many medical benefits of weed while making people laugh at the same time. It’s great for breaking the myths surrounding pot by educating those unfamiliar with its positive effects.

It’s a pairing that won’t strain your brain, featuring a cast of actors and comedians that are on the rise, to boot.

And with the show taking place almost entirely within the shop, you get a sense of pot-induced claustrophobia. The setting may be a one-trick pony, but it’s OK if you have a good trick. Plot lines of the episodes include the shop being robbed, overqualified but unfamiliar bud tenders and the ever present question for anyone in the building, “How did I end up here?”

As the characters embrace their current situations, you can’t help but empathize with them. Between the soul searching and cannabis commerce, the ensuing tornado is entertaining and educational. Watch and learn weed consumers. You will have a new appreciation for the work that goes into the convenience of easy to obtain, high-quality ganja for your consumption as well as get a good laugh.

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