The holidays can take a toll on a person’s vibe, that’s a given – stress and family go together like The Grinch and his dog. For heads who are looking to keep it irie during the holiday crunch, this collection of reworked tunes from Iration’s catalog just might be the trick.

The new acoustic album “Double Up” features a mix of the Santa Barbara-rooted band’s songs from their previous releases, including “Reelin” off 2015’s “Hotting Up” and “One Way Track”, “Back Around” off 2013 album “Automatic.”

The stripped-down versions leave the fan with the essence of the originals, but with an acoustic vibe that will take the edge off the madness surrounding the holiday. The remakes of “Turn Around” and “Time Bomb” give the listener an idea of what the demos for these tracks might have sounded like their subtler form. “Let Me Inside” begins with an electric piano differing from the original version’s guitar intro.

While there is nothing in the collection that will push the boundaries of the reggae genre,  “Double Up” will please current fans – Nag Champa Incense for the dorm room sold separately.

The quintet will embark on the “Lost & Found Winter Tour” to support the record, with shows in Santa Cruz Jan. 13-14, Ventura Jan. 19, Sacramento Jan. 20-21 and Bakersfield Jan. 22, before returning to the One Love Cali Reggae Festival on Feb. 11 at the Queen Mary in Long Beach.

If your jam is kicking around a hacky sack in the in the yard instead of a football this Christmas Day Afternoon, pick up “Double-Up” by Iration. It’s chill enough you could even play this around Grandma if she is hard of hearing or can’t understand the lyrics. She will have no clue cookies aren’t the only thing in the house that are baking.