Talk radio anchor Jo Kwon continues to explore the emerging legal cannabis industry in California in her podcast Jo Kwon Reporting, with a new episode that tackles the challenges and potential advantages that come with handling cannabis cases in California courts.

KFI AM 640 anchor Jo Kwon is producing a podcast focused on cannabis. (Courtesy of Jo Kwon)

“In general, a lot of defense attorneys would say confusion is their ally,” says Roger Diamond, a defense attorney Kwon interviews for her show.

Kwon also chats with a prosecutor, who discusses the problem of not having an accepted way to measure cannabis-impaired driving and other issues attorneys are facing.

“In drug cases, there’s no per se limit — especially for marijuana, which is what the bigger issue is because that’s what we’re seeing more of,” says Sarika Kim, a Los Angeles deputy district attorney.

The podcast is a passion project for Kwon, who works by day at Los Angeles talk radio station KFI AM 640.

Stream the 16-minute-long second episode of her show Jo Kwon Reporting here.

Catch up on the first episode, where Kwon explored policing this newly legal world of weed.

Listeners can also stream the show through Kwon’s website. Or they can download the latest episode for free from iTunes or from Google Play Music.

Check back soon for the third episode of Kwon’s pot podcast.

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