By day — and sometimes by night — Jo Kwon is an anchor for the popular Los Angeles-based talk radio station KFI AM 640.

Turns out that’s not enough radio journalism for this ambitious reporter. So she’s launched her own self-produced podcast called Jo Kwon Reporting. And she decided to dedicate Season 1 of her new passion project to all things cannabis.

Journalist Jo Kwon has launched a podcast, with the first season focused on cannabis. (Courtesy of Jo Kwon)

Kwon said she was talking with her boyfriend about the complexity of marijuana legalization and the growth of the industry emerging from the shadows. She decided it would make a great topic for a deep-dive in a series of podcasts that she aims to roll out over the next few months.

The first episode was just released, with an 11-minute show on the topic of how to police this newly legal world. Listen to the first episode here.

Listeners can also stream the show through Kwon’s website or download the first episode for free from iTunes.

Check back soon for the second episode of Kwon’s pot podcast.