When it came to flowers, Jungle Boys out of Los Angeles were king at this weekend’s Chalice festival in Victorville.

Flowers and concentrates for sale at the Chalice festival in Victorville. (Sarah Alvarado, The Cannifornian/SCNG)

Not only did the growers steadily have a long line of people at their booth waiting to buy products, but they also took home the prize for best overall flowers at the competition.

On the concentrates side, Panacea’s collaboration took the solvents top prize,  The Proper Extracts took first place for non-solvents while Gold Drop’s collaboration dominated the entire distillations category.

Save our list of winners from this weekend’s Chalice festival for your next shopping trip.

Best solvents

  • Best overall 2017 solvent: Panacea, Luxe and Hive’s Blood Orange
  • Highest CBD: Urbols’ Cannatonic
  • Highest terpenes: Cali Green’s Gold Lemon Meringue (15 percent terpenes)
  • Highest THC: Utopia Farm’s C.Banana (88.7 percent THC)

Best indica

  • First place: Beezle/The Hive’s Banana Pie
  • Second place: Concrete Genetics’ PKK Nightmare OG
  • Third place: Synergy’s Forbidden Fruit

Best sativa

  • First place: Panacea, Luxe and Hive’s Blood Orange
  • Second place: Paperplanes Extracts’ Lemonade Live Resin
  • Third place: Panacea, Luxe and Hive’s Honeydewz

Best non-solvents

  • First place: The Proper Extracts’ Clementine 91
  • Second place: Kenn Wall and Harry Palms’ Strawnana Gou Papaya
  • Third place: Euplora’s Master Yoda Kush “Tobiko”
  • Highest terpenes: Kenn Wall and Harry Palms’ Strawnana Gou Papaya
  • Highest THC: Euplora’s Master Yoda Kush “Tobiko”

Best distillations

  • First place: Gold Drop and Blue River’s Orange Drop (86.3 percent THC)
  • Second place: Gold Drop and Blue River’s Star Dawg (85.6 percent THC)
  • Third place: Gold Drop and Blue River’s Fire OG (84.9 percent THC)
  • Highest CBD: Gold Drop, Blue River and Lemon Tree’s Lemon Tree Crystalline (98.7 percent CBD)
  • Highest THC: Gold Drop and Blue River’s Island Girl (86.4 percent THC)

Best flowers

  • Best flower overall 2017: Jungle Boys’ Mimosa #26
  • Best CBD flower: 3C Farms’ ACDC (20.46 percent CBD)
  • Highest terpenes flower: Purple Frost’s Master Blaster (6 percent terpenes)
  • Highest THC flower: Pharaoh Farms’ Snow White (32.59 percent THC)

Best indica

  • First place: Jungle Boys’ Purple Punch
  • Second place: Los Angeles Kush, CHR and Flight Farms’ Blood Walker
  • Third place: Urban Pharmacy and Bikey 420’s Lemon Pound Cake

Best sativa

  • First place: Jungle Boys’ Mimosa #26
  • Second place: Nameless Genetics’ Watermelon
  • Third place: Jungle Boys’ Mimosa #27

Best CBDs

  • Highest CBD concentrate: Creme de Canna’s Cremedy (76.4 percent CBD)
  • Highest CBD infused: Kalicaps’ Terp CBD Cap

Best CBD concentrates

  • First place: Nameless Genetics’ 29:1 CBD Crystals
  • Second place: Liquid CBD’s Pure CBD Pineapple
  • Third place: Creme de Canna’s Cremedy

Best CBD products

  • First place: Cannavis’ Strawberry CBD Syrup
  • Second place: Confexx’s Watermelon CBD
  • Third place: Vals’ Hawaiian

Best vapes

  • Highest CBD vape: Nameless Genetics’ 21:1 CBD Firestixx (73 percent CBD)
  • Highest terpenes vape: The Highest Grade’s Mavi’s Gift (22.4 percent terpenes)
  • Highest THC vape: Gold Drop and Blue River’s Fire OG cartridge (79.1 percent THC)

Best rosins

  • Highest terpenes rosin: The Proper Extracts’ Double Banana (9.7 percent terpenes)
  • Highest THC rosin: The Proper Extracts’ Hell’s Fire (84 percent THC)

Best preroll

  • Fatty’s preroll (26.7 percent THC)

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