Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching. Whether your mom is an experienced cannabis enthusiast, a serious medical marijuana patient or a hesitant experimenter — and whether you have $13 or $1,300 to spend — the wide world of weed has gifts to make her smile.

Here are six ideas to get you going.

AnnaBis handbags promise to give you a discreet place to carry cannabis. (Courtesy AnnaBis)

Bath soak: What mom doesn’t need some help relaxing? Whoopi & Maya, a line of cannabis products geared toward woman from actress Whoopi Goldberg, has a Epsom salt bath soak that includes 25 mg of THC. The soak comes in lavender, amber moon or unscented. It includes essential oils and is said to aid in relaxation and to help ease aches and pains. The soak is available at dispensaries throughout California, with a 6.5-ounce jar that sells for around $13 to $15. Or check out Whoopi & Maya’s infused rub, tincture or cacao powder.

Gourmet edibles: The options for gourmet cannabis edibles are pretty endless. Visit a local dispensary or go online and spend $26 to $30 to get a tin of Cocoa Sparkle Cookies from Auntie Dolores, which come in 10 mg bite-size pieces — a perfect dose for cannabis newbies.

DIY spa: Do you have a DIY mom? The book “The Cannabis Spa at Home” by Fremont resident Sandra Hinchliffe has more than 75 recipes for making infused spa products at home, from foot soaks to face masks to smoothies. And everything is free of preservatives and major allergens. The book can be ordered online for $16.99. Or check out Hinchliffe’s book of infused tea recipes.

Doreen Sullivan, founder of My Bud Vase. (Courtesy of My Bud Vase)

Pop-up dinner: What mom wouldn’t enjoy fine dining with a twist? Buy your mom a ticket to an upcoming pop-up PopCultivate dinner by Los Angeles-based Chef Chris Yang. The monthly meals are typically six courses, and every other dish is infused with cannabis. Tickets are typically around $100.

Designer purse: Have a mom who enjoys her weed but doesn’t want everyone to know it? AnnaBis makes a line of handbags that are said to almost entirely mask the smell of cannabis. The bags are for sale online in multiple colors and cost from $42 for a wristlet to $275 for a cross-body purse and clutch set. Or you can buy your mom a gift card for the site for any amount.

Vintage vase turned bong: There’s no reason your mom’s bong can’t be pretty. My Bud Vase transforms vintage hard-to-find vases into beautiful, durable bongs. They’re designed by a mom who collects the vases on her travels. Prices range from just $7 to $230. Check out the options here.

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