Want to learn how to grow your own cannabis but have no idea where to begin? Maybe you already know a thing or two about marijuana, but want to improve your growing skills or try out a new cultivation technique. Perhaps you’re just curious about the industry itself or what the cannabis culture was like before legalization.

Who better to answer your questions than an actual cannabis farmer? The Cannifornian is launching a new monthly column “Ask a Farmer,” in which a California cannabis farmer will answer reader-submitted questions about marijuana cultivation and any other cannabis-related
topic you’d like to learn about.

Please submit any cannabis-related questions you have to askafarmer@thecannifornian.com with the subject line “Ask a Farmer.” Identifying information of the questioner will not be published in the column.

Any California-based cannabis cultivators interested in participating in the column are also asked to contact The Cannifornian at askafarmer@thecannifornian.com.

Will Houston is a reporter for the Eureka Times-Standard in Humboldt County.