Tribe CBD’s Captain America Shot

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Whether it’s Independence Day or Presidents’ Day, there’s no better way to celebrate your “Americanness” than by downing a Captain America shot. This tri-colored shooter is sure to dazzle your friends with clean layers of red, white, and blue. If you do a lot of entertaining over the summer, you should keep this Instagram-worthy shot recipe in your back pocket. 

Since hemp is now federally legal in the USA, this is also the best time to celebrate with some CBD! If you don’t mind adding some “green” to this all-American shot, feel free to drizzle a half-dropperful of Tribe CBD oil.

CBD Captain America Shot Recipe

CBD Captain America Shot Recipe

As hinted in the intro, the Captain America shot is a layered drink with red, white, and blue liquors. As with all other layered cocktails, it’s crucial to pour each spirit slowly over the back of a barspoon. This standard technique increases the odds your shot will look picture-perfect.

If you’re still struggling to get these three layers to stay put, you may want to consider experimenting with other liquor brands. Because every manufacturer is slightly different, each product may not be light enough to float. You could also experiment with swapping out crème de cacao for peach schnapps if this ingredient is giving you a hard time. 

For more detailed info on pouring perfect layered shots, you have to check out our previous post on the CBD B-52 cocktail

• ⅓ oz grenadine
• ⅓ oz white crème de cacao liqueur
• ⅓ oz blue curaçao
• ½ dropperful Tribe CBD oil

• Pour grenadine into a shot glass.
• Slowly pour crème de cacao over the back of a barspoon.
• Carefully pour blue curaçao over the back of your spoon.
• Top with Tribe CBD oil.

While we’re on the subject of patriotism, Tribe CBD is proud to offer veterans a generous assistance program. If you send us a copy of your VA card, DD-214, and a state-issued license, we can provide you with a 30 percent discount on our CBD products. We also offer financial assistance to Americans with low income or a long-term disability. 

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Yes, Tribe CBD’s Hemp Is All-American!

For the finest CBD oil, you have to start with the best hemp flowers. That’s why Tribe CBD only works with professional Colorado-based hemp farms for all of our products. We promise all of the hemp flowers used in our CBD creams, oils, and capsules come from sustainably grown hemp in the USA. 

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