Enjoy a Strain Named After a Spirited Cannabis Activist

By Rebecca Victoria Olmos

Ah, Jack Herer – A pungently spicy, terpinolene-rich cannabis flower with blissful effects. It’s one of those old-school strains, known for its classic feel-good day out in the sunshine vibe.

The sativa dominant hybrid is a genetic cross between Haze (high-energy and creative) and a hybrid of Shiva Skunk and Northern lights #5 (relaxing and mellow). It often provides users with a boost of energy along with a chill body buzz.

The strain was created in the ’90s, has won numerous awards, and has been cultivated by numerous breeders. Sensi Seeds of Amsterdam gave Jack Herer its name to honor the American writer and cannabis activist.

Herer was born in 1939 and started smoking ganja at 29 years old. By 1973 he had started his campaign to legalize cannabis in California.

One of Herer’s most popular books was “The Emperor Wear No Clothes.” In this book, he complied years of research and arguments against the prohibition of cannabis and its benefits, specifically the hemp plant.

According to the LA Times, the book was published in 1985 and has since sold over 700,000 copies. It is still regularly referenced throughout the cannabis industry.

Herer died in 2010 after he suffered a heart attack just moments after giving an exzillerating pro-pot speech at the Hempstalk Festival in Oregon.

“There’s nothing fucking better for the human race than having marijuana morning, noon, and night,” Herer said at the rally. “You’ve gotta be outta your mind not to smoke dope.”

He was often described as lively and zippy, which makes sense as to why they named a strain after him that provided people with the same energy.

June 18 is the unofficial Jack Herer Day, but I’d recommend livening up any day with the zingy strain.