The best-known high CBD indica strain out there now bears the un-serene name of everyone’s new favorite movie monster. The go-to dank for athletes, joggers and the generally creaky, Pennywise is drawing raves for pain displacement and general blunt-force stoniness.

Pennywise marijuana flowers. (Courtesy photo)

An increasingly popular cross between Jack the Ripper (a strain noted for fierce visuals) and Harlequin (one of the more potent pain-relief strains on the market today), the nugs in the over-sized gram are well-sugared with tricomes and almost popcorn-like in texture, with its riot of colors presenting to the naked eye as something like weed-porn.

The scent is similarly varied, with hints of mint and pepper. Online sages warn this strain isn’t terribly psychoactive, but my infallible Three Hit Test put the lie to that.

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A trio of quick inhales brought on a Force Ten sativa brainstorm of the utmost sweetness and energy, with hits Four and Five heightening and prolonging the effect. Many such strains bring on dry mouth and vague paranoia but this hit like a powerful caress.

A sure fatigue and boredom killer, Pennywise also (for what such anecdotes are worth) completely suppressed a backache gotten from a long and strenuous weekend. Stretching is now simpler, less strewn with exclamations of pain and I can reach the fourth position in ballet with nothing but cracking knees to remind me of the passage of time.


Price: $15/gram

The Wrap: For day-tripping, pain displacement and advanced muscle-pampering, this weed is tops.

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