This is one of the most oft-namechecked strains when it comes to athletic performance and pain relief. A 70-30% sativa dominant with a 5:2 ratio of THC to CBD, this bud is dense, hairy green and heavily totted with lethal-looking red splotches.

While light and to the nose, this cut is sufficiently peppery to induce sneezing, but the buzz from three hits was remarkably blissful in nature. Midday stress suddenly fled and prospects took on a more sunny character.

Harlequin marijuana strain. (Ron Garmon photo)

Three more hits consumed another bud and another sixty minutes vanished in merry contemplation. Along with being an excellent fatigue-fighter and boredom buster, Harlequin offers a kind of pain-displacement much different from indica.

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The latter buries consciousness of discomfort while Harlequin gently but firmly lifts you out of it. Since both seem to work equally well, which you’d prefer depends largely upon mood, occasion and disposition. For yoga, something very much like Harlequin is ideal – the high is an energetic lift and there’s none of the usual persistent clumsiness and distance-distortion that comes with most other strains of weed.

Hardcore stoners are forewarned – this is not the shit you smoke to get mind-bendingly twisted. Though indica heads scorn CBD weed as near-beer, the lightheaded happytime effects of Harlequin are long-lasting and cheery.

Price: $18/gram
The Wrap: Top of the line CBD weed and everything you’d want in a sativa except munchies.

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