One problem in L.A.-based strain-hunting may be called the Padlock Phenomenon — the dispensary is along your way, the menu on Weedmaps looks appetizing and recently updated, but you arrive to find the place hollowed and locked out.

Fortunately the City of Angels likes its cannabis shops in clusters, so I found this trendy and lethal offering nearby. Gorilla Glue No. 4 placed second in a recent L.A. Cannabis Cup competition, made High Times’ list of “Strongest Strains on Earth” and bids fair to be this year’s top-seller.

The buzz imparted by these fuzzy and glistening orange buds is among the heaviest – a long-lasting feelgood that grows more intense as the minutes pass from the first experimental hit. Further testing was inhibited only slightly by the (thankfully temporary) feeling that the mere act of lifting pipe to lips is a profound buzzkill.

The high is euphoric and blissful, giving the lie to the popular belief that sativa-dominance somehow connotes “light” as opposed to the undeniably heavy effects of indica. Here, the stone is not only potent but exceptionally well balanced — with the mind agreeably stimulated and alert, while a high (up to 25 percent) THC content tends to displace (rather that numb) any residual pain, discomfort or even minor anxieties relating to deadlines, dwindling supply, etc.

Gorilla Glue No.4


Price: $15/gram

The wrap: One of the all-time great hybrids and one that will change what you think marijuana can do.
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