An example of the kind of bargain that can be occasionally had, a gram of this strain came ridiculously cheap at a big-volume downtown L.A. dispensary famed for its ever-rotating stock. The issue of Jack Herer sativa and sativa-dominant hybrid Skunk No. 1, Candy Jack is prized for its pain-relieving qualities and THC levels often in the middle 20 percent range.

Candy Jack

One of the early Cannabis Cup winners with numerous descendants of its own, CJ sets off raptures among online reviewers for its piquant scent, an example of praise that’s possibly a little over-rich since, like cheese and Gauloise cigarettes, the bouquet of marijuana is its least attractive characteristic. Suffice to say this stuff was unusually rank, if a little crumbly to the touch, but the relative dryness caused it to burn fast and hit hard.

The one-toke test brought an onrush of warmth and pleasantly distant thoughts, and by the time the smoke cleared on the three-hit test, I was done with weed for the afternoon. A fun, clear-minded high with no resulting grogginess or fatigue set in, very gradually yielding to a roaring case of the munchies.

Second and third trials yielded strikingly similar results, along with conviction that a gram of this weed goes a long way. A perfect accompaniment for housework, light exercise or fussy, detail-oriented work like pointillism, coding or assembling an Ikea bookshelf.

Candy Jack


Price: $7/gram

The wrap: Tasty, not filling, and loaded with stoner nutrients!

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