By Rebecca Victoria Olmos

Why is a roach clip called a roach clip? Because pot holder was taken. All dad jokes aside, here is a list of dope gifts to get your favorite cannapops this Father’s Day.

Under $50

  1. Toker Poker

This little gadget is a tool all ganja lovers need and all dad’s love tools, right? The lighter sleeve comes with a poker to clear out your bowls and a tamper to pack them in tightly.

The pack comes with four beautifully rolled, individually wrapped joints. That way, dad can save some for later, and the rest will stay fresh! In addition, they come in a variety of different strains to fit all different dad vibes.

There’s nothing like hitting a fresh bowl of flower in a clean new piece. And dad deserves nothing but the best. Chameleon has a wide selection of high-quality, color-changing, double-blown pipes.

Under 100

  1. Santa Cruz Shredder

These grinders are a classic, durable addition to dad’s smoke gear. The four-piece option even comes with a kief catcher.

These disposable vapes are made with rosin, which is a clean, beautiful, concentrate to smoke. Dad is sure to love the convenient, sleek design and the delicious cannabis flavors.

This two-gram hash-infused blunt smokes like a fine cigar, except there’s no tobacco. El Blunto uses natural hemp wrap and glass tips to elevate dad’s smoking experience.

Under 300

  1. Puffco Peak

This electronic dab rig is the perfect gadget to get your tech-loving stoner dad! It’s easy to use and a great way to get low or high temp dabs.

This bong is a modern take on a classic. It has an ergonomic grip to fit nicely into dad’s hand and a silicone base to protect the glass.

The gift that will keep on giving. This cannabutter maker fits on any countertop and makes infusing dad’s favorite meals super easy! Whatever you choose to get the cannabis dad in your life, just make sure to enjoy it with them. There’s no replacement for quality cannatime.