By Rebecca Olmos | Correspondent

Infusing cannabis into the bedroom just got sexier. Researchers in Spain surveyed a small group of 274 people about their cannabis use, alcohol use, and sexual functions like orgasm and arousal. They found that young cannabis and alcohol users between ages 18 and 30 have better orgasms and overall sexual function. While 63% of participants reported no problems with their cannabis use, 23% had a high probability of developing one.

“Sexual function is improved in young people who are high-risk cannabis consumers with a moderate risk of alcohol use, resulting in increased desire, arousal, and orgasm,” the report states.

The University of Almeria researchers associate their findings with other scientific research that shows cannabis may decrease levels of anxiety and shame that can often accompany sex acts. Cannabis users have long reported their consumption with feelings of stress relief, muscle relaxation, and pain relief.

All these beneficial outcomes can translate into the inmate space of erotic exploration. Lovers and friends can infuse cannabis into the bedroom in various ways: Through the traditional smoking method, the low-key way of eating edibles or taking a tincture, or applied topically for a massage or as a lubricant.

The study acknowledges the limited research regarding cannabis and sex and the increased risky behavior that can happen with cannabis or alcohol-infused sex like unprotected sex and sexually transmitted infections. Age was also recognized in this study, noting that one study found that when cannabis was associated with sexual dysfunction, it was often in older men who were already experiencing erectile dysfunction. While younger users, especially women, often report increased orgasms, less pain, feeling more relaxed, and overall more pleasure. If you’re interested in mixing weed into the bedroom, remember to start low and go slow; not all cannabis lubricant is latex safe, and be open to fun and exploration with yourself or a partner.