By Rebecca Victoria Olmos | Correspondent

Adding a little ganja to your sex life is a fun way to spice up your love (or self-love) routine. A recent study found that frequent cannabis use is associated with improved sexual function, including more orgasms, longer sessions and overall more sexual satisfaction.

Researchers aren’t exactly sure why cannabis helps, but it could be because cannabis reduces stress and anxiety which always boosts the mood.

You can infuse your sexual session with your partner/s or yourself in two different ways, through traditional consumption methods like smoking or edibles (which is my preferred way) or using a cannabis-infused lubricant.

Edibles are a sweet way to chill out and get in a good headspace for some premium lovemaking. It’s just all about timing, though, since edibles can take up to two hours before you feel the full effect. So plan out some foreplay and light some candles while you get in the mood. That edible will hit you before you know it!

Cannabis Lubricant. Oh man, let’s talk about next-level lubrication. THC lube flies off the shelves at dispensaries. For people with vaginas, it can reduce any pain or inflammation caused by intercourse, and it can also increase arousals and increase the intensity of the orgasm.

However you choose to infuse cannabis into your routine, an essential part of adding weed to the sex mix is having fun and being safe. Maybe edibles aren’t your thing and you’d prefer to smoke a jay with your boo. That works too! We all have different preferences, so stay open and curious to experimenting.