By Rebecca Victoria Olmos

You can infuse cannabis into any mundane activity to make it a little more fun, including your daily/weekly/monthly/yearly workout. Adding a little bit of THC or CBD into workout routines has shown to have several different possible benefits. These benefits range from reducing muscle inflammation to reducing the general anxiety of entering a crowded gym.

Here are some tips to getting your weed workout on:

1. You Don’t Have to Smoke

The reality of consuming cannabis is that there may be adverse side effects. Some of these include damaged lungs and impaired motor skills, which can be counterproductive if you’re working on your fitness. Tinctures (drops you place under your tongue) and edibles are a great way to get some weed into your system. Tinctures have a faster onset time of 15-30 minutes while edibles can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Plan your workout accordingly.

2. Both CBD and THC can be Helpful

The significant part about cannabis is that the whole plant can help. If you’re hesitant about being under the influence in a gym setting, CBD is a great way to ease into it. CBD helps reduce anxiety and inflammation without intoxicating effects. If you’re an experienced cannabis user, try incorporating it into your post-workout routine first, it may help with muscle tension and sleep.

3. Try Topicals

If you really aren’t trying to get high and just want some general help with aches, pains, and recovery, cannabis may help with that too. Applying either THC or CBD topically can help reduce inflammation, ease soreness and help with muscle tension.

4. Both Pre- and Post-Consumption may be Beneficial.

I’ve tried cannabis at all points in my workout routine and enjoyed them all. Before working out, smoking can help get you out of your head and into your body so you can focus on what you’re there to do. After working out, cannabis can help relax your body and help with recovery.

5. Start Low & Go Slow

This is the golden cannabis rule. Please don’t over consume. Beginner dosages depend on what you’re consuming and your body chemistry, but it usually safest to start with 2.5-5mg or a few puffs. Better to start with not enough than too much, and sometimes a little weed goes a long way.

The sun is out, and after a year inside, it’s essential to get outside to move your body. If you’re having trouble finding the motivation, energy, or strength, cannabis may be just the tool you need.