Tribe’s CBD Blood Orange Spritz

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Blood oranges go against the grain. While the outer rind may seem like a regular navel orange, the inside is anything but! This orange cultivar’s fantastic red hue always catches people’s eyes by surprise. Honestly, is it any wonder blood oranges still have a strong “exotic allure?”

To honor this impressive orange variety, we’ve put together a simple CBD-infused variant on the Aperol Spritz. Anyone who loves citrus, sweetness, and a healthy dose of CBD is going to go crazy for this ruby-red cocktail. 

CBD Blood Orange Spritz Recipe 

CBD Blood Orange Spritz Recipe

It’s easy to see how blood oranges differ from other cultivars, but does that mean blood oranges have any nutritional advantages? Well, according to the latest research, blood oranges may have higher-than-average traces of an antioxidant called anthocyanin. Interestingly, anthocyanin is most responsible for giving fruits like blueberries their unique color. 

Multiple studies suggest anthocyanin is phenomenal at getting rid of free radicals in the body. This has led some scientists to suggest blood oranges may have extra healing properties, especially for heart health.

However, that doesn’t mean eating regular “orange oranges” is terrible for you. Quite the contrary! Some research suggests navel oranges may have even more vitamin C content than blood oranges. So, no matter what orange variety you prefer, it’s safe to say this is a super-healthy addition to your diet.  

By the way, some people claim blood oranges have a more nuanced flavor that almost resembles raspberries. For this reason, we’ve included a fresh raspberry garnish in this drink. 

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• ¼ cup blood orange juice 
• 1 oz Aperol 
• Soda water, to top
• 1 dropperful Tribe CBD oil
• Rosemary sprig, garnish


• Pour blood orange juice and Aperol in a cocktail shaker. 
• Add ice and shake for a few seconds.
• Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
• Top with soda water.
• Garnish with Tribe CBD oil and a rosemary sprig, if desired. 

OK, if you want to get technical, this isn’t a pure copy of the Aperol Spritz. If you’ve read our previous post on this cocktail, then you know a traditional version of this drink has soda water and prosecco. 

So, if you’d like to make this variation more “authentic,” you could add a little prosecco to the mix. However, we’d still recommend shaking the Aperol and blood orange juice first to combine the flavors. After straining into your serving glass, add about 2 – 3 oz of prosecco and just enough soda water to give your drink some extra “fizz.” 

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