By Rebecca Victoria Olmos

July 10 is also known as 7/10, a cannabis holiday dedicated to concentrates.  It is the second most celebrated day for canna-sseurs, right after the ever so popular 4/20. 7/10 upside down spells OIL, which is a term that is interchangeable with dabs, wax, concentrates, or extracts.

There are a few different ways to consume concentrates. You can add them to your joints, blunts, or top your bowl off with them. Vape cartridges also contain concentrates, which are popular ways to consume them because of their discreetness and limited smell. However, the most popular way to enjoy extracts is to dab them.

So let’s learn to dab! It can be a little overwhelming, but once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s a great way to get a potent, flavorful smoke.

You’ll Need:

  • A torch: Like for crème brulee. You’ll use this to heat your nail.
  • A rig: it’s like a bong, but for dabs.
  • A nail: you’ll use your torch to heat this and place your extract here.
  • A dab tool or dabber: You’ll need this to scoop the concentrates from their original container into the nail.
  • Concentrates: Choose a strain or flavor that suits the vibe you’re trying to catch.


  • Carb cap: This helps regulate airflow

How to:

  1. Spark the torch and aim it directly at the nail. Most people wait till the nail turns red. You need it to be hot enough to melt the concentrate.
  2. Turn off the torch.
  3. Wait about 45 seconds.
  4. Use the dab tool to place the concentrate of choice into the nail. Since you’re a beginner dabber, a small amount will do. Remember, start low and go slow. If you got yourself a carb cap, you could place this on the nail at this time.
  5. Inhale and enjoy!
  6. It’s good stoner etiquette to clean the nail after each dab session.

See, it’s not as intimidating as the torch makes it look. Happy 7/10 and happy dabbing!