By Rebecca Victoria Olmos

Covid restrictions have been lifted, and summer is officially here. This 4th of July seems just a little more notable, considering the last one had most of us confined to our homes. Whether you venture out or stay nearby, cannabis can help get your spirits lifted without the nasty hangover effects from alcohol. Here are a few products to try adding to your BBQ to keep the good vibes going.

1. Sparkling Water

There are so many great cannabis-infused beverages out there! One of the perks of beverage consumption is that the onset time is quicker than the average edible, often taking effect within 15 minutes. My current favorite beverage is the Blood Orange sparkling water from Wunder. It contains 10mg of THC and 10mg of Delta 8.

2. Infused Sodas and Lemonade

Soda’s are a fun way to chill out! Keef has several different flavors to try out, including blue raspberry, orange, classic cola, and even root beer. Go ahead and try out an infused root beer float to stay cool! Or if you’re more into a traditional lemonade, Good Stuff Tonics makes a tasty 100mg lemonade.

3. Butter on everything

You can easily make your butter, but you can also just pick up a container of Heavenly Sweet Butter. Lather it onto your corn on the cob, or bake it into some yummy desserts. Just make sure you let everyone know what foods are canna-infused!

4. Chocolate for those smores and milkshakes.

This is something I’ve been doing for years. Pick up a Kiva chocolate bar and make yourself a ganja smore! You can even blend it into a milkshake for an iced cold treat. The great thing about the bars is that they are pre-dosed into 5mg pieces, so you can add as much or little as you’d like.

5. Pre-rolled and ready to go

If you’re like me, you enjoy convenience, especially during a holiday when the number one thing on the list is to kick back and relax. Pre-rolls are the best way to go. If you’re an advanced canna-sseur, I’d recommend some infused prerolls from either Jeeter or Ganja Gold. If you just need a lil’ toke to get you by, I highly suggest Pure Beauty Babies: great flower, in small doses for a quick head change.

Whichever way you choose to consume during this holiday, make sure you stay hydrated and stay safe!