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Want to bring some joints to Japan? Or some ganja to Ghana?

Not so fast!

Here are five things you must know before traveling with marijuana.

1. It’s never legal to fly with marijuana — and you can’t transport it across state lines.


2. Airports’ rules about pot may differ from state laws.

Check the rules before your trip. Pot is banned at Denver International. SFO and LAX are more lax: Their pot rules are in line with the rest of the state’s


3. The TSA does not search for marijuana.

If pot is found, local law enforcement is alerted — and the traveler will get the cannabis back if it’s within the allowable limits (1 ounce or less for recreational users or 8 ounces or less for those who use medical marijuana), according to airport police at LAX and SFO.


4. You can’t send cannabis through the mail to your final destination.

That’s a federal offense.


5. If you’re a medical marijuana patient, carry your documentation.


Remember: Leave your stash at home if you’re going to a place where marijuana is illegal to possess. (Norway, Malaysia and Japan are just some of these places.)

One thing to remember when thinking of taking weed on your vacay: When in doubt, leave it out!