CBD oil has established itself as a leader in the wellness market in recent years. In a world where there are continuous developments in the medical world, it has made a name for itself as an effective method of treatment.

Ongoing research indicates that it has properties capable of alleviating a wide array of health issues. Ranging from anxiety to insomnia to nausea induced by chemotherapy, CBD oil has therapeutic effects on its users. It helps the body’s endocannabinoid system maintain balance.   

After the passage of the Farm Bill, 2018, the number of CBD oil companies shot up considerably. The FDA issued warning letters to fifteen of those companies in November 2019. The reasons behind the warning letters vary. They include marketing CBD products for children and adding CBD oil to food and dietary supplements.

This fact proves that finding a CBD oil company that is legal and safe will require some research. You will also need to decide what kind of CBD oil is appropriate for you, based on your needs. Once you know what you want from a CBD oil, there is an unending list of companies from which you can pick.

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Below is a selection of the top three CBD oil companies in the US.

1. Spruce

Choosing the right CBD product is not an easy task. It usually involves confusion and lots of questions. Spruce has gone a step ahead and included a quiz on its website to help you choose CBD products that are right for you. The quiz presently consists of three multiple-choice questions. It ends with a request for your email address where you will receive the suggestions they prepare, based on your answers.

Spruce products come with a price, but the company is confident that they are worth the expenditure. They source their hemp from organic farms in Kentucky and North Carolina. They also collaborate with independent US labs to test their products. All their merchandise contains not more than 0.35 THC, which makes it safe to use even if you will undergo a drug test.

Their website has a section on “frequently-asked questions’ too. They give clear and concise answers to questions that people might have about CBD. The questions vary from CBD strength, methods of consumption, and how much time the products take to come into effect. They provide answers about methods of extraction, lab testing, and even CBD legality.

Their products range from oils and tincture to dog and cat-friendly oils. However, they do not offer flavors. Their packaging is as earthy and honest as their answers on the FAQ section of the website. Alternatively, If you are looking for a budget lab-tested organic CBD oil to boost your health, you can opt for Nuleaf Naturals CBD. They are one of the most trusted brands in the CBD industry.

However, they do not ship outside of the fifty states in the US.

2. Medterra

Medterra is usually among the top competitors when people rank CBD oil companies. It presents tough competition to other CBD oil companies because of the vast array of products it offers.

They offer CBD oil tinctures, capsules, sleep tablets, and mints. They also offer combinations of CBD with caffeine and vitamins, which are perfect for anyone who wants a morning boost of energy. If you need creams and lotions for pain, they have it.

If you are looking for CBD for your pets, they offer this as well.

All their products are THC free and organic. The fact that their merchandise does not contain THC means that you can take it with you even if you are traveling internationally. They also ship all over the world, except for the UK and Australia. Their Facebook page is active and updated at regular intervals, giving you quick insights into new products.

They also have an active Instagram account full of esthetically-pleasing photographs.

3. Verma Farms

Verma Farms is at the top of the Forbes list of the best CBD oil companies. They are based out of Maui, Hawaii. According to their website, their merchandise incorporates “socially conscious efforts” in its production process.

They chose to make Maui their home because of the element of purity that it has. The untapped beauty of the places is an inspiration to them. It is evident even on the website, whose design emulates the movement of the waves. The packaging is colorful, yet sleek.

They use ingredients that are entirely organic and GMO-free. Their products do not contain THC either, so you can relish CBD’s benefits without getting high. With Verma Farms, you can select CBD products that are both flavored and unflavored.

Their range of products is rife with fresh flavors such as Maui Mango, Watermelon, Rainbow Papaya, and Tropical Apple. Apart from CBD oils, gummies, and tinctures, Verma Farms also offers CBD dry fruits.

Their website includes a blog where you can find relevant information on CBD. They also offer a military discount, but they do not ship outside of the US.

What it all comes down to

It might be tempting to start using a product merely because everyone is using it. However, if you have never had any experience with CBD before, perhaps you should consult a medical professional first. Because even though CBD products have many therapeutic benefits, every person reacts to them differently.

Factors like age, gender, physical fitness, and mental health status all play a part in how your mind and body process any product. Furthermore, Factors such as weight, medical conditions, and even consumption methods all affect how CBD affects you. It is good to keep in mind that every person has a different CBD tolerance level. Research is always the best answer before you begin to use any product, even if it is organic. Determine what condition you need CBD oil for, then research different CBD oil companies to determine the best fit. It is the only way you will zero in on a company that offers you most suitable merchandise to fit your needs.

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