The tall, bespectacled, mush-mouthed half of the classic bud-bro comedy team of Cheech & Chong, Tommy Chong is one of best advertisements the ganja life ever had. Besides being half of the first stoner comedy team and a longtime advocate for marijuana reform, Chong’s place in 420 culture was cemented by pairing with the Justice Department in U.S. v. Chong, a federal weed paraphernalia case that eventually landed the comedian in prison alongside Jordan Belfort, the famed “Wolf of Wall Street.”

Chong’s Choice marijuana flowers. (Ron Garmon photo)

Since there are few more trusted names in toking, something like Chong’s Choice was pretty much inevitable and, as it turns out, praiseworthy. Fast-selling too, since the only item in their extensive product line available nearby was a lone eighth of their Durban Haze sativa.

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This dank is tightly cut, peppery to the nose, heavy and burning to the taste and hits like a nice relaxing hammer between the eyes. The buzz is one of those happy eyes-wide-open jags that makes you remember why you took up toking in the first place.

I’m a confirmed indica man but that’s a prejudice that evaporates in the presence of a superior sativa like this. I tend to bulk-smoke sativa bud but that’s a temptation easily resisted with this shit, as more than three hits will put you into a pop-eyed coma. Recommended.

Chong’s Choice – Sativa

Price: $40/eighth

The Wrap: Nice dreams, indeed.

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