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Happy Tuesday, Cannifornians!

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As the past several days have shown, the real work began after Californians legalized recreational marijuana on Nov. 8. In Sacramento, regulators and stakeholders are scrambling to find a solution to the cannabis industry’s banking woes, while interest groups are squaring off over how weed should be distributed. Meanwhile, cities and counties throughout the state are grappling with whether to regulate marijuana businesses or continue long-standing bans.

Enough politics. Two L.A. residents teamed up to write “The Scratch & Sniff Book of Weed,” which will of course come out on 4/20. (As Facebook follower Kathryn Turner said: “These publishers know their audience.”) Speaking of that holiest of stoner holidays, we’ve started adding California 4/20 celebrations to our events roundup. And we dare you not to feel a bit more relaxed after looking at these photos from a cannabis farmer’s market on a ranch in Malibu Canyon.

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“Theoretically, the feds could come crashing through the doors of a state-legal business at any time, searching, confiscating and arresting to their hearts’ content.”

     – Bay Area attorney David Pullman in an “Ask an Attorney” Q&A for The Cannifornian

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