Taste Tribe’s Bacon Breakfast CBD Cocktail

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Foodies have done a lot of genius things with bacon over the years, but adding bacon fat to a cocktail may be one of the most brilliant. After all, who wouldn’t love indulging in the savory flavors of a home-cooked breakfast before bed? Heck, almost 70 percent of Americans admit to eating breakfast for dinner anyway!  

So, if you’re not all that into counting calories, be sure to give this bacon-infused cocktail a try. Oh yeah, and please don’t forget to add orange-infused Tribe CBD oil for a touch of that staple breakfast beverage: OJ!  

Bacon Breakfast Cocktail Recipe  

Maple Bacon Whiskey Spiced Cider Cocktail

The only annoying part about this recipe is that you have to infuse your bacon vodka the night before drinking it. Thankfully, if you have a few slabs of bacon (and a heaping pile of patience), it’s not all that difficult to make this infusion. Here’s a quick and easy way to make bacon-infused vodka: 

  • Cook a few pieces of bacon in a pan until they’re nice and crispy
  • Take the bacon off the pan and eat it!  
  • Transfer all that bacon fat into a Pyrex measuring cup 
  • Take out a glass mason jar and your bottle of vodka
  • Once the bacon fat has cooled, add one tablespoon per 375 ml of vodka in the mason jar
  • Shut the mason jar’s lid, shake, and let the mix sit for six hours
  • Once the six hours are up, put your mason jar in the freezer for about 30 minutes
  • Place a coffee filter and a strainer over another glass jar and pour your vodka mixture
  • Store your vodka in a mason jar or the original bottle 

While most people use vodka to make this fun infusion, that doesn’t mean you can’t give bourbon a try. Be sure to try this recipe with both spirits and tell us which one you prefer!  


  • 2 oz bacon-infused vodka  
  • ½ oz maple syrup 
  • 2 dashes of orange bitters 
  • 1 dropperful Tribe CBD oil 
  • Orange wedge 
  • Crisp bacon slice 


  • Pour bacon-infused vodka, maple syrup, orange bitters, and Tribe CBD oil in a cocktail shaker
  • Add ice and shake for a few seconds  
  • Strain into an ice-filled rocks glass
  • Garnish with an orange wedge or a crisp slice of bacon

As strange as this cocktail may sound, there are plenty of weird ways people use bacon nowadays. For instance, did you know bacon-infused brownies are now a thing? How about bacon-topped cupcakes? Bacon jam? Chocolate-covered bacon? You get the point: we’re all obsessed with bacon!

Actually, there’s another famous cocktail that often calls for a bacon garnish. If you’re familiar with classic drinks, then you might’ve already guessed which cocktail we’re referring to: the Bloody Mary! If you’d like to learn more about this iconic cocktail, we’d encourage you to visit Tribe CBD’s Bloody Mary blog post

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