Sometimes, the best gifts come in small packages. Bhang’s flavored, all-in-one vaporizer is a disposable eRoll, as in pre-roll. It’s so compact that when I first saw the packaging, I thought I’d forgotten to get the battery.  But no, the tiny, disposable vape is indeed inside the package, and ready to use.

Bhang Vape’s Simply eRoll. (Courtesy photo)

Pleasure-wise, the high is pretty sweet and giggly. Maybe it’s because Bhang’s flavors are so whimsical – banana crème pie, anyone? – but these baby vapes reminded me of eating Sour Patch Kids at the movies. If you’re looking for some gentle elevation and relaxing laughs, the Simply eRoll is a fun choice. I wouldn’t say these are great for you if you’re a heavyweight, though. The effects are definitely on the milder side.

As for putting me “in the mood,” I wouldn’t say Bhang’s micro-hitters are particularly lascivious. After sampling all eight flavors, and hitting my favorites more than once, I was properly stoned. Dosage wise, it’s about the equivalent to a top shelf pre-roll, with a half gram of weed (30-35% THC) per eRoll. This equates to about 40-50 puffs, and depending on your tolerance, it could last you a couple hours or a couple days. It’s super easy to use, but do continue to draw until the timer flicks off.

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Finally, when you’re out and about, size does matter, and the Simply eRoll is easy to slip into a pocket or purse.  They come in a variety of flavors (*=my favorites): Banana Crème Pie, Juicy Watermelon*, Fruit Punch*, Sweet Grape, Vanilla Bean, Root Beer Float*, Mango Passionfruit*, and Blue Raspberry.

The Wrap: You’re looking for something that’s fun and elevating, and you like to vape but don’t want to drop serious dough on a cartridge & battery combo.

Potency:  150 mg THC – roughly a half gram of weed (30-35% THC) – per eRoll.

Price: Between $8-12.

Effects: A pleasant, giggly experience, perfect for lightweight users. 7 out of 10.

Availability: A relatively new product, the eRoll has been available on Eaze since November 2017, with a full launch coming in February 2018. Keep your eyes peeled!

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