The infusion alchemists at Treatwell Health have recently released a new member of their tincture family. Tranquility 15:1 Cannabis Tincture combines sun-grown, organic, full plant cannabis extract in a formula specifically created for anxiety. The extracted oil’s source is Remedy, which is an indica-leaning hybrid known for producing mellow relaxation without euphoria.

Treatwell Health’s Tranquility tincture. (Courtesy photo)

Botanicals kava, bergamot, and ylang ylang   all contribute to the calm and focus that this tincture provides. These three herbs soften the sharp edges of hyper aroused nervous systems. Tranquility has a delightfully silky texture thanks to the coconut-derived MCT and macadamia nut oil base. The flavor profile is bright, citrusy, and immediately elevating.

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Best of all, though, Tranquility’s effect is profound. Any trace of anxiety I felt before taking a microdose (10 drops) faded away within the hour. It’s non-psychoactive, which makes it well-suited for daytime use. The 15:1 ratio of CBD to THC has the just-right qualities of a thoughtful blend: effective, long-lasting, and fast-acting. Here’s a titration tip from Alison Ettel, CEO and founder of Treatwell: “It’s always best to start with low doses first and to slowly titrate up to find the least optimal dose.  For chronic anxiety and stress, small doses three times a day before each meal seems to work best.”

Even if you’re not anxious, I’d recommend giving Tranquility a try. This mood boosting tincture brings lightness, like sitting out in the sun or listening to music. With its bright, slightly floral flavor and excellent symptom relief, I couldn’t wait to hit repeat on Treatwell’s Tranquility.

The wrap: This tincture is ideal for someone who wants help with a blend that’s specifically created to help manage anxiety throughout the day. The synergistic effect of natural botanicals support the entire body in relaxing, and this well-balanced tincture works.

Ratio: 9.4 mg CBD, 0.6 mg THC per dropper; 281.25 mg CBD, 18.75 mg THC per bottle

Price: Ranges from $50 – $70 for a 1oz (30 ml) bottle

Taste: 10 out of 10

Effect: 10 out of 10

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