Herbabuena’s Lullaby tincture is true to its name and supports peaceful sleep. Its potency comes from whole plant extracted oil from specific indica strains that is then combined with extract from micron-specific hash. Together, these two extracts create a major sedative effect. Lullaby is an elixir complete with passionflower, hops, and flower and gemstone essences. The proprietary essences amplify the synergistic blend of herbs and amplify the effects of the medicine rapidly.

Herbabuena’s Lullaby Elixir tincture. (Courtesy photo)

Within a few minutes of taking a half a dropper, I experienced a slight feeling of euphoria that was very mild, but present. If you’re someone who is not sensitive to THC’s psychoactivity, this elixir would be just fine to take in the daytime. However, it is purely THC so I took it before bed and as the name indicates, Lullaby’s No. 1 benefit was a deep, continuous sleep.

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One thing to know about this tincture is that it has a strong herbal flavor. The physiological effects to the elixir’s natural taste is grounding for the body’s nervous system, which helps slow down energy and drift into sleep. Because of the intentional bitterness, it is best taken with some water or another beverage. The overall effectiveness of the tincture makes the grimace worth it.

Herbabuena’s Lullaby is an ideal night-time tincture. I highly recommend it for its top-shelf organic cannabinoids and herbs that promote relaxation. And a side benefit of this tincture: A good night’s sleep always makes it easier to navigate anxiety and other mood-related issues.

The wrap: If you’re looking for a true remedy for insomnia with no next-day dullness, this one’s for you.

Ratio: 3mg of THC per single 1/2 dropper dose; 64mg THC per bottle.

Price: $36 per 0.5 oz. bottle

Taste: 6 out of 10

Effect: 10 out of 10

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