You are what you eat. Toxin-free remedies matter, especially when it comes to a dysregulated nervous system. Fiddler’s Greens are champions for preserving the integrity of the whole cannabis plant in order to deliver the highest quality medicine. Fiddler’s solid commitment to lab testing and solvent-free extraction result in super clean tinctures.

Fiddler’s Greens Kindred Spirit 1:1 CBD:THC.

Kindred Spirit is Fiddler’s 1:1 CBD:THC tincture. It helps with anxiety, absolutely, but I found it more suitable for addressing inflammation and pain. While it didn’t make me sleepy, it did have me feeling more euphoric and definitely too relaxed to get anything serious accomplished. That said, its psychoactive properties were minimal, so if your symptoms are acute, and you want relief quickly, this tincture is a great ally to have in your arsenal. Personally though, I’d save this one for nighttime and weekends.

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This tincture comes in organic alcohol base, so do take your dose in coffee, water, or another beverage – it’ll burn if you put it right under your tongue!

Fiddler’s Greens Kindred Spirit 1:1 CBD:THC

The wrap: If your No.1 priority is to use a tincture for pain relief that’s made with raw, organic ingredients, and grown sustainably, Fiddler’s Greens Kindred Spirit is for you.

Effectiveness: 7 out of 10 for anxiety, but 10 out of 10 for pain

Flavor: 8 out of 10

Price: $: $30 for 0.5 oz (150 ml); $50 for 1oz (30 ml) bottle

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