Founded by two sisters and run by a team of dedicated women entrepreneurs, High Gorgeous is an exciting new line of female-friendly beauty products. Their company creates medicinal topicals specifically designed to help women combat chronic pain, inflammation and seal moisture into the skin.

High Gorgeous Pino-Co-Canna Body Butter. (Courtesy photo)

The Pina Co-Canna Body Butter is a cannabis-infused trip to the tropics. It smells like vacation with strong pineapple notes and has a mix of other natural skin-healing essential oils like chamomile and calendula. I will say that the Pina Co-Canna butter is super fragrant, so if you’re sensitive, you’re better off with High Gorgeous’ scent-free Plain Jane lotion.

But for those of you who are fans of a luxurious cocoa butter, which is slightly thicker in texture than your average lotion, you’ll love this product. It sinks deeply into the skin and leaves no goopy residue.

It’s not playing in terms of dosage, with 200 mg THC & THCa per 8-ounce tub. THCa is, in very simple terms, THC before it’s exposed to heat. THCa has different properties in its raw, non-psychoactive form, and growing research is looking into how THCa may help with insomnia, muscle spasms, and preventing cancer’s proliferation. All of this is to say that I felt almost immediate relief in some sore spots, including knees, wrists and shoulders. And even with its’ high levels of THC and THCa, Pina-Co- Canna will not make you high.

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High Gorgeous’ body butter is also an affordable topical, making it a great choice for the budget-conscious seeking relief.

The Wrap: High Gorgeous’ Pina-Co- Canna Body Butter is a refreshing and great bang-for- your-buck body butter.

Potency: 200 mg THC & THCa per 8-ounce tub

Effects: Provided moderate relief for moderate aches and pains

Price: $20.00

Availability: High Gorgeous is a Southern California-based company, so its products tend to be more available in the southern parts of CA but check with your local dispensary.

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