Named after a lover, this cream delivers on the implications of its name. If you’re looking for a sweet gift for your partner that will last a lot longer than an actual bouquet, C.A.D.’s Foxy Rose CBD cream appeals to all of the senses.

Carter’s Aromatherapy Designs Foxy Rose CBD Cream. (Courtesy photo)

C.A.D. uses rose essential oil of the highest quality, which make this product truly high-end. Rose is a known aphrodisiac, and this product is no exception. Its lush, floral smell is straight up gorgeous, and definitely sensual. Even though it’s a pricey product, a little bit goes a long way.

Texture-wise, it’s a rich product made with CBD infused coconut oil, mango butter, beeswax set in a lotion base. It’s thick enough to feel like a mousse of sorts, leaving a slight residue on the skin’s surface. However, the organic, sustainably sourced ingredients are such great quality that the feeling is luxurious – especially if someone is rubbing it in for you.

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Definitely don’t use this product directly on your intimate parts. It’s not a lubricant, though it does feel super pleasurable once on the body. It helps relieve pain through potent, triple-tested for purity CBD oil and anti-inflammatory arnica and rosemary. While this product isn’t psychoactive in the slightest, the combination of pain relief and sweet, soothing aromatherapy will likely get some good vibes flowing.

As an added bonus, C.A.D. donates $1 from each product sold to mental health awareness.

The Wrap: You’re looking for a heart-opening, CBD-based product to use with a sweetheart or to smooth over your own aches and pains. Not cheap, but highly effective for banishing pain and inviting more pleasure and love.

Potency:  2-ounce jar with 150 mgs of CBD.

Price: Between $60-75.

Effects:  Pleasure-boosting aromas and texture, 10 out of 10, and pain relief, 10 out of 10.

Availability: Based out of Sacramento, this company is scaling up its production due to high demand. It’s possible to find this labor of love product but you might have to be patient. Believe me, it’s worth pursuing.

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