Rapper, lyricist, fashionista, and 420 entrepreneur Wiz Khalifa is almost as synonymous in the public mind with weed as long-gone comedian W.C. Fields was with whiskey. Slick and hooky singles like “Bake Sale” and “Still Blazin” evoke the ganja with blunt-force subtlety while selling millions.

Wiz Khalifa marijuana flowers. (Ron Garmon photo)

Rolling Papers 2, sequel to the 2011 bestselling album, still hasn’t got a release date but Wiz recently favored us with a game app titled Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm, in which you can play at growing and marketing ganja. Even so, the man’s THC-heavy rep ought to be better than the skimpy gram I got from a sketchwad storefront dispensary.

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Legend insists specifics of the real Wiz strain are unknowable but many knockoffs and near-cousins have wandered into commercial circulation under this name and “Khalifa Kush.” However puny the measure, these were nevertheless handsomely frosted and dense popcorn nugs.

A definite “lift” strain that focuses the mind most intently and helps a lazy summer afternoon fly by with much-needed productivity. A sturdy killer of fatigue and boredom, this bootleg Wiz may differ from the genuine article in some recondite way but from published reports, this shit is close enough. THC yields on this strain go as high as 27%, which is way better than merely respectable among most tokers, even the most serious.

Wiz Khalifa OG

Price: $15/gram

The Wrap: Lots of buzz in the smallest of packages, this is for the seasoned toker.

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