Green Mountain Ranch is a full season, full sun, outdoor farm situated above Long Valley in Northern Mendocino County.

The flowers have loosely scattered apricot pistils sprouting from avocado yellows and greens, with clusters of sparkling trichomes creating a resinous sticky that makes the flowers feel a little springier and more compact than they actually are.

Tahoe OG from Green Mountain Ranch. (Courtesy Erica Edwards)

The fresh, clean aroma of early spring mixed with salty sea air graces the senses upon first impression. Notes of crushed pine, lemon candy sweetness and a field of blooming violets break open into diesel fuel with turpentine and the distinctive aroma of Christmas time wrapped up in a Douglas fir. Faint traces of blue cheese and living soil linger in the finish beneath the sharper, brighter overtones.

Springtime, salty sea air and Christmas all find their way from aroma to flavor with the same crisp freshness. Pine, violet pastilles and lemon drops succumb to a woody sappiness with a bitter twist of lemon peel and soft notes of vanilla bean and oak. A taste of Christmas lingers in the mouth and in the air with traces of Douglas fir and cedar.

A happy and uplifted sense of comfort tranquilizes both the body and the mind with a mildly stony sedation. As time progresses, stress and tension melt away into a voluptuous velvetiness, while the ability to produce analytical and critical thinking quietly slips away.

Summary: Tahoe OG soothes and stabilizes with cuddly vibes, warm thoughts and a flair for rested relaxation.

Green Mountain Ranch on Instagram @greenmountainranchmendo

Tahoe OG from Green Mountain Ranch

Price Range: $40-$45 an eighth

Indica Leaning Hybrid

THC 22.6% CBD 0.5%

Genetics:  OG Kush x SFV OG

Available through Flow Kana at Flow Kana delivery in San Francisco, CA and the East Bay Area, as well as Stash Twist delivery in the East Bay.

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