Another high-energy descendant of the fabled Skunk No. 1, Super Lemon Haze is a much-lauded Cannabis Cup winner and getting harder to find in dispensaries. The legend of this sativa-dominant hybrid is one of jittery feelgood, with connoisseur accounts reading a lot like the psycho teahead in “Reefer Madness” raving “Faster! Play FASTER!” at the piano-player, whose life is now a similarly overamped wreck.

Super Lemon Haze

My gram came in the form of three smallish, slightly popcorn-y green buds, each flaked with brown and red; the inevitable plastic bottle they came in was sharp and buttery to the nose. Zesty and covered in trichomes which, once lit, seem to go straight to the brain like praise or pheromones.

The resulting mood was one of grinning playful euphoria of the kind that gets you a clean apartment or laughs at a well-turned remark. THC content is in the upper teens and low twenties in percentage and the “haze” part readily apparent in both metaphorical and physical senses – a gentle mist settles over the disposition and objects in the middle distance begin to grow indistinct. This is followed by intense relaxation about the head, neck and shoulders. Like that of other sativas, the buzz from Super Lemon Haze is uplifting and durable, but you find yourself running through it quite quickly. Get more than one gram!

Super Lemon Haze


Price: $12/gram

The wrap: Not that lemony but certainly hazy and definitely super.

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