Following the trend of marketing established strains as both new and old-skool authentic, the Real Jet Fuel is a sequel to a well-remembered sativa-dominant dank that Diesel enthusiasts still seek out. Also known as G6, Jet Fuel is a purported descendant of High Country Diesel and Aspen OG, and gained the perhaps inevitable reputation of being a high-energy strain.

Weighing in at a generous 1.2 grams, the cut I scored was frosty, popcorn-textured and distinctly peppery to the nose. With the THC content in the upper teens, the resulting buzz was unsubtle but not profound, traveling straight to my head at once and wrapping it in a warm cocoon of distraction.

Weed chuffers trip about this type of 420 high the way alcohol imbibers extol Champagne — the resulting lightheadedness and euphoria are nose-ticklish and not at all profound. Unlike my own bouts with Champagne, the end result was neither a hangover nor a 13-hour nap.

Rather, I felt reasonably refreshed and ravenously hungry, which is a common secondary effect of weed far stronger than this. Imparting a general sense of amused if not Olympian well-being, TRJFOG is a worthy substitute for just about any sativa on the menu.

The Real Jet Fuel OG

Price: $20/gram

The wrap: Less stony, tastes great!

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