This sweet and peppery indica-dominant strain is enjoying a low-key local revival in some few high-end dispensaries, and why not? Hybrid strains vary widely (if not at times wildly) in range and striking power, but PSOG comes out toward the top of the scale for stoniness and sheer tokability.

Pine Soul from a Los Angeles dispensary. (Photo by Cindy Yamanaka, Orange County Register/SCNG)

These rancorous weeds are so heavily frosted they resemble lumps of sugar-coated Kryptonite as much as MJ buds. Break open a single pebbly bud and you’ll believe the yarn about one of this strain’s ancestors being named “Snow Lotus.” Examine the nug under magnification and you find a contoured fuzzscape of dainty white trichomes all the way down.

Fewer sights stir the connoisseur’s heart more, and fewer strains taste better once put to the flame. With the spicy flavor and smooth finish making it far easier to ingest than your typical leading brand indica, the acrid smoke  is enough to set off apartment smoke alarms. The resulting high is a long-lasting, humor-tinged up one with plenty of skin-tingles and an amiable dizziness that make unpalatable the idea of travel, or at least the kind of travel involving getting up from one’s chair.

Ideal for movies or festivals or kandyflake daydream enhancement of any activity requiring prolonged sitting or standing, the PSOG now going around is highly recommended.

Pine Soul OG

Price: $15/gram



The wrap: A soulful pinetop high that’s definitely O.G. af.

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