Nestled in the mountains of Mendocino County, Water Dog Herb Farm tends to the land using biodynamic farming practices on their 160acre off grid homestead.

The genetic lineage of Phoenix would have been lost without the auspicious survival of one male and one female plant. The flowers are slightly dense and nicely compact, with long spindly wisps of sandy colored pistils and a treasure trove of crystals stashed away in the lemony lime crevices.

Phoenix from Water Dog Herb Farm. (Courtesy Erica Edwards)

Oddly aromatic and enticing, these flowers exude a conflicting concoction of captivating aromas. Powdery cheese puffs and crushed Brazil nuts fill the nose, opening up into a sweet, hashy perfume of sandalwood, cedar, bee pollen and daisies. Tearing the flower open releases sharp turpentine and acetone, with faint traces of juniper, rosemary and sweet Vidalia onion.

Faint notes of nutty cheesiness struggle to make an impression through the flowery tartness of India pale ale with daisies and a twist of lime. Flavors fade into delicate notes of hash dipped flower petals and a warm woodiness that gently lingers in the mouth. There is a silky smoothness to the smoke that doesn’t irritate the throat or encourage coughs.

A rapid onset of cosmic euphoria rushes in with super soothing and ridiculously creamy vibes, transforming the body into a luscious dollop of freshly whipped cream. The high is exuberant and expansive, lending itself well to the exploration of arising emotions full of love, happiness and appreciation.

Summary: Sparking up with Phoenix ignites a flower of perceptive passion and soaring ecstasy.

Certified Dank refers to cannabis that is among the best of the best, the crème de la crème, the finest available anywhere. (

Water Dog Herb Farm on Instagram @mendo_waterdogherbfarm

Phoenix from Water Dog Herb Farm

Price Range: $35 and eighth

Sativa Leaning Hybrid

THC 15.6% CBD 0.1%

Genetics: Tangerine x Diesel Maui Dawg

Available through Flow Kana at Safe Harbor in Los Angeles, CA.

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